There are three types of additional domains you may have with a ePakHost web hosting account: parked domains, addon domains and subdomains.

Parked Domains:

Parked domains point to your main domain and share the same web pages. They do not have separate index pages or folders. In effect, a parked domain is another name for your main website. The most common example is when a company buys multiple extensions for one domain name and points them to the primary domain name (for example,,, all point to; visitors see the same website regardless of the domain name they enter).

Addon Domains:

An addon domain name is an additional domain name connected to your ePakHost hosting account – but with a separate website from your primary domain name. Addon domain websites appear independently of each other and your primary domain’s website when viewed from the Internet. Search engines like Google will consider them all to be separate.


A subdomain allows you to section off your hosting account to act like a separate website without having to get a new domain name. The subdomain address will have a bit of extra information in front (e.g., You can create a subdomain on your own from any domain name you have connected to your ePakHost hosting account.